Sherazade Lucana

Gina Labriola was and remains Lucania’s best ambassadress around the world. Born in Chiaromonte, Labriola went on to graduate with a degree in classics. She chose Paris as her base, but lived in Iran for eleven years, working for the Italian Culture Institute in Tehran. During this time, she worked with ISMEO (the Italian institute for the middle and far east), she was a correspondent for ANSA, the Italian press agency, and a lecturer at the University of Tehran.

Following her Persian stay, Labriola got married in Barcelona, Spain. She became a language and Italian literature teacher at the university of Rennes in Brittany, France.


Her publications were numerous and include essays, narrative prose and poetry. Labriola was also a talented painter. She transcribed and illustrated her own poems onto silk (the well-known Poésie sur soi/e) and showed her pieces of art in various countries around Europe. Her writing was translated into Persian, French, English and Spanish and she was the recipient of many awards. End of degree theses have focused on her across many different Italian universities.

Labriola died on 2 April 2011 in Marseilles.


  • Istanti d'amore ibernato, Laterza (Gatti Award, Bologna 1972; San Valentino Award, Terni 1973)
  • Alveare di Specchi, Laterza (Il Ceppo Proposte Award, Pistoia 1974)
  • In uno specchio la fenice, Laterza (Dino Campana Award, Marradi, 1982)
  • Fantasma con flauto, La Madia d’oro (La Madia d'oro Award, L'Aquila 1993)
  • Poesie sur soi/e, Scena Illustrata, Rome 1988 (Alfonso Gatto Award, Salerno 1989)
  • L’exil immobile, introduction and translation by Philippe Guérin, La Folle Avoine, Bedée (Brittany) in collaboration with PUR (Presse universitaire de Rennes).
  • Istanti d’amori ibernati, Commedia in due atti, with Enzo Vetrano and Stefano Randisi, Dell’Oleandro, Rome 1996.
  • Poesia su seta(testi per i pannelli dipinti), 2000
  • Storie del pappagallo, ArtEuropa, Rome, October 2003, second edition 2007 (Parola di donna Award 2009)


  • Il diavolo nel presepe, Interlinea, Novara 1999, II edition 2002 (Una storia di Natale Award)
  • Storie della Pignatta, Il Grappolo, Salerno May 2001 (Corbisiero Award 2000)
  • Storie del Samovàr, Capitello (Piccoli, Turin 2003, third edition 2005 (Giovanna Righini Ricci Award for unpublished work, Conselice 2002; Cassa di risparmio di Cento Award in 2004 for edited volumes).
  • Storia d’amore con cipolle (from “Amore con cipolle”), Melagrana 2007
  • Il pianeta Faidatè, AltrEdizioni, Rome 2009


  • Sette Profili (Italian contemporary poets) 1970 Franklin publishing house, Teheran
  • Nel paesaggio mentale, Anthology of Italian poets, Gambrinus Lille, 1987,
  • Poesia francese di frontiera, In Fabio Doplicher’ European anthology of poets, STILB, Rome 1990
  • Iran, quasi un amore, Persian poetry, Poetica, Edisud, Salerno 1990
  • Dal Sinni alla Senna, Saggio su Isabella Morra. Translation of André Peyre de Mandiargues’s drama he dedicated to poetry writer di Valsinni), Osanna, Venosa 1991
  • L’aube est toujours nouvelle, Maison de la Poésie, Nord/ pas de Calais, Beuvry 1994 translation of E’ fatto giorno by Rocco Scotellaro, with Armand Monjo.
  • Metaponto, (Le poète so/ucier) Saggio su Albino Pierro. Translation with Guérin. Ed. Orphée La Difference. Paris 1996
  • Defense de Stationner, by Armand Monjo, En Forêt Druck Vögel, Stamsried (Germany) 1998

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