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Call for entries

Third “International Gina Labriola Award.

Tales of Brigands, witches, goblins and other marginals"

Year 2014

The deadline for submissions is 7 November 2014

Dal lume di luna/era nato il mio paese:/sorgeva di notte/e di giorno spariva/ingoiato dal sole. (Gina Labriola, “In uno specchio la fenice” – Laterza).


The Gina Labriola Cultural Association in Chiaromonte

Will be giving out

The third “International Gina Labriola Award” (a completely unpublished tale). The award will be given out in the name of Basilicata (Southern Italy) native Gina Labriola.

The competition will be divided into three different sections:

Section A - ‘YOUNG CHILD’ – School student aged 6-12. Collective or individual pieces of work. Prize 500€.

Section B - ‘OLDER CHILD’ – School student aged 13-18. Collective or individual pieces of work. Prize 500€.

Section C - “ADULTS” 19 years and up: Individual work only. Prize 1,000€.


1. In order to have access to the competition’s sections, participants should send in their texts. The subject matter is left to the discretion of individual authors, but should be inspired by a popular tale or legend of a specific country or territory;

Particularly valued will be those pieces of work which:

  • highlight the legends and tales transmitted over the time;
  • bring light on legends inspired by local historic or imaginary characters;
  • bring an original, innovative take on legends of a particular country;
  • favour familiarisation and understanding of other cultures and traditional habits;
  • use common representations and images which resonate beyond borders;
  • value diversity and richness of people, emphasising the difficulty of confrontation, as well as its richness;
  • value the right to difference.

Texts will not exceed four A4 pages, using times new roman and 12 letter size (average indicative length).

2. Tales should be unpublished and must never have been the recipients of other literary awards.

3. Tales should have a title and should not be signed.

Texts should be sent by email to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., as an attachment. The document should be formatted as .rtf, .doc or .odt.

The subject of the email should be as follows: ‘Gina Labriola Competition Text’. The body of the email should include the section (A, B or C) the text is being entered for, as well as a release, declaring “I authorise the use of my personal information in accordance with art. 13, D. Lgs. 196/2003".

Every submitted text should be anonymous. Complete author information (name, surname, address, email and optional telephone number) should be included in the body of the email.

Pseudonyms and pen names will be accepted, but authors will still have to submit complete personal data.

Entering the competition can also be done online by submitting an application available at www.ginalabriola.org.

For minors, parental authorisation should be attached to all applications.

4. The competition is open to entries in Arabic, French, English and Italian.

5. Entering the competition is free.

6. Entering the competition with one text only is allowed.

7. Feedback on unranked pieces of work will not be given. Participating in the competition involves authors authorising the association to use submitted fables or tales for subsequent editions of the competition, or for theatrical representations.

Participating in the competition also involves authorising the association to use and keep personal data, with the understanding that this use will be narrowly tied to the award, and will exclude any use which end is not tied to the award.

8. The jury will strive to examine entries in accordance with established guidelines and will be in charge of choosing a winner.

The Jury’s verdict will be unchallengeable. The jury will have the ability of giving out special recognitions.

9. The winner of Section A will receive an award recognition scroll and €500 in prize money.

The winner of Section B will receive an award recognition scroll and €500 in prize money.

The winner of Section C will receive an award recognition scroll and €1,000 in prize money.

10. The jury will give out one special awards, consisting in a Kouros trophy statuette, will go to the best foreign language piece of work (not Italian);

Awarded pieces of work will be published on the www.ginalabriola.org website.

Beyond deciding on awards and special mentions, the jury will decide which pieces of work should be published on the www.ginalabriola.org website. These will be published with each authors’ individual authorisation.

11. Award winning individuals will be contacted by the award secretary. Finalists will receive a notification on the place and time the official award ceremony will take place.

Awarded pieces of work may be integrated with those selected for publication.

12. The deadline for submissions is 7 November 2014;

13. Participating in the competition implies agreeing to the terms and conditions specified in this document. Any oversight of these regulations will automatically eliminate candidates from the competition.

All entries featuring racist, pornographic or defamatory elements will automatically be eliminated.

Authors submitting a piece of work must be the original authors of their work and must possess the rights to diffuse their work on the internet.

The competition’s committee may make ulterior decisions related to questions not raised in this set of rules.

Contact name for competition:

Email : Tanja de Nigris or Valerio Caruso: info (at) ginalabriola.org

By phone : Municipality of Chiaromonte:

+39 0973 571002 int 4. Contct: Giovanni Pangaro.

How to participate

The literary prize “Gina Labriola, tales of brigands, witches, goblins and other marginals” is open to everybody, young and adults! To participate, you just need to fill in the application form and send your literary work. Prizes range from 500€ to 1,000€.




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